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8/22/2011SDCheyenne River Sioux Tribe seeks own casino (The Daily Republic)
10/17/2010SDDeadwood casino patrons split on effect of smoking ban (Rapid City Journal)
6/19/2009SDCustomers tackle would-be casino robber (
12/10/2007SDGaming commission to rule on Deadwood casino (Rapid City Journal)
2/18/2007SDTribe face hurdles in expanding gambling (Rapid City Journal)
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Casinos in Deadwood, South Dakota

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B.B. Cody's

   tabbed details about B.B. Codys  top information page about B.B. Codys
Local: (605) 578-3430 

Best Western Hickcock House

   tabbed details about Best Western Hickcock House  top information page about Best Western Hickcock House
Local: (605) 578-1611 

Bourbon Street

   tabbed details about Bourbon Street  top information page about Bourbon Street
Local: (605) 578-1297 

Buffalo Bodega Gaming Complex

   tabbed details about Buffalo Bodega Gaming Complex  top information page about Buffalo Bodega Gaming Complex  has slots
Local: (605) 578-1162 

Bullock Express

   tabbed details about Bullock Express  top information page about Bullock Express
local: (605) 578-3476 
toll-free: (800) 526-8277 

Bullock Hotel & Casino

   tabbed details about Bullock Hotel & Casino  top information page about Bullock Hotel & Casino
local: (605) 578-1745 
toll-free: (800) 336-1876 

Cadillac Jack's Gaming Resort

   tabbed details about Cadillac Jacks Gaming Resort  top information page about Cadillac Jacks Gaming Resort  has slots
Local: (605) 578-1500 

Celebrity Hotel & Casino

   tabbed details about Celebrity Hotel & Casino  top information page about Celebrity Hotel & Casino
Local: (605) 578-1909 

China Town

   tabbed details about China Town  top information page about China Town
Local: (605) 578-1811 

Comfort Inn at Gulches of Fun Casino

   tabbed details about Comfort Inn at Gulches of Fun Casino  top information page about Comfort Inn at Gulches of Fun Casino
local: (605) 578-7550 
toll-free: (800) 961-3096 

Deadwood Dick's Saloon

   tabbed details about Deadwood Dicks Saloon  top information page about Deadwood Dicks Saloon
local: (605) 578-3224 
toll-free: (877) 882-4990 

Deadwood Gulch Resort

   tabbed details about Deadwood Gulch Resort  top information page about Deadwood Gulch Resort  has slots
local: (605) 578-1294 
toll-free: (800) 695-1876 

Deadwood Gulch Saloon

   tabbed details about Deadwood Gulch Saloon  top information page about Deadwood Gulch Saloon
Local: (605) 578-1207 

Diamond Lil's

   tabbed details about Diamond Lils  top information page about Diamond Lils
Local: (605) 578-1555 

Fairmont Hotel and Oyster Bay Casino

   tabbed details about Fairmont Hotel and Oyster Bay Casino  top information page about Fairmont Hotel and Oyster Bay Casino
Local: (605) 578-2205 

First Gold Hotel

   tabbed details about First Gold Hotel  top information page about First Gold Hotel
Local: (605) 578-9777 

Four Aces

   tabbed details about Four Aces  top information page about Four Aces
local: (605) 578-2323 
toll-free: (800) 834-4384 

Franklin Hotel & Motor Inn

   tabbed details about Franklin Hotel & Motor Inn  top information page about Franklin Hotel & Motor Inn
Local: (605) 578-2241 

Gold Country Inn

   tabbed details about Gold Country Inn  top information page about Gold Country Inn
Local: (605) 578-2393 

Gold Dust Gaming Complex

   tabbed details about Gold Dust Gaming Complex  top information page about Gold Dust Gaming Complex  has slots
Local: (605) 578-2100 

Goldberg's Casino

   tabbed details about Goldbergs Casino  top information page about Goldbergs Casino
Local: (605) 578-1515 

Hickok's Gaming Saloon

   tabbed details about Hickoks Gaming Saloon  top information page about Hickoks Gaming Saloon
Local: (605) 578-2222 

Hickok's Iron Horse Inn

   tabbed details about Hickoks Iron Horse Inn  top information page about Hickoks Iron Horse Inn
Local: (605) 578-7700 

Lucky 8 Casino and Super-8 Motel

   tabbed details about Lucky 8 Casino and Super-8 Motel  top information page about Lucky 8 Casino and Super-8 Motel
Local: (605) 578-2535 

Main St Deadwood Gulch

   tabbed details about Main St Deadwood Gulch  top information page about Main St Deadwood Gulch
Local: (605) 578-1207 

Martin Mason Hotel & Casino

   tabbed details about Martin Mason Hotel & Casino  top information page about Martin Mason Hotel & Casino  has slots
Local: (605) 722-3456 

McKenna's Gold

   tabbed details about McKennas Gold  top information page about McKennas Gold
Local: (605) 578-3207 

Midnight Star Gaming Emporium

   tabbed details about Midnight Star Gaming Emporium  top information page about Midnight Star Gaming Emporium
local: (605) 578-1555 
toll-free: (800) 999-6482 

Mineral Palace Hotel & Gaming

   tabbed details about Mineral Palace Hotel & Gaming  top information page about Mineral Palace Hotel & Gaming  has slots
Local: (605) 578-2036 

The Mint Casino

   tabbed details about The Mint Casino  top information page about The Mint Casino
Local: (605) 578-1201 

Miss Kitty's Gaming Emporium

   tabbed details about Miss Kittys Gaming Emporium  top information page about Miss Kittys Gaming Emporium
local: (605) 578-1811 
toll-free: (605) 578-1811 

Mustang Sally's

   tabbed details about Mustang Sallys  top information page about Mustang Sallys
Local: (605) 578-2025 

Old Style Saloon #10

   tabbed details about Old Style Saloon #10  top information page about Old Style Saloon #10
Local: (605) 578-3346 

Silverado Gaming Establishment & Restaurant

   tabbed details about Silverado Gaming Establishment & Restaurant  top information page about Silverado Gaming Establishment & Restaurant
Local: (605) 578-3670 

Star of the West Casino

   tabbed details about Star of the West Casino  top information page about Star of the West Casino
local: (605) 578-2241 
toll-free: (800) 688-1876 

Tin Lizzie Casino & Restaurant

   tabbed details about Tin Lizzie Casino & Restaurant  top information page about Tin Lizzie Casino & Restaurant
Local: (605) 578-1715 

Wild West Casino

   tabbed details about Wild West Casino  top information page about Wild West Casino
Local: (605) 578-1100 

Wooden Nickel Casino

   tabbed details about Wooden Nickel Casino  top information page about Wooden Nickel Casino
Local: (605) 578-1952 

In the Mt. Rushmore State, gambling is legal in many cities and on Indian reservations. The legal gambling age in South Dakota is 21 for casino gaming. Maximum allowable bets in South Dakota are $100.

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